How to turn sunshine room into steam room in summe

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In summer, the sunshine room has become the "sauna room" that has become the most troublesome thing for owners. In summer, when the sun is directly shining, the temperature of the sunshine room is high, and sunshade and film are useless to cure the symptoms rather than the root cause. Guanhao sunshine house factory technicians also know this question. Sunshine house is really hot in summer, but we have a satisfactory way to deal with this question

sunshine room is really hot in summer, and it can reach 50-60 ℃ indoors even when the temperature is above 30 ℃. However, after we have studied the key points of the hot summer of Guanhao sunshine house, the sunshine house launched for the market can completely deal with this question. In summer, the indoor temperature of the sunshine house can be relatively equal to the outdoor temperature, which can be called an environmental friendly and low-carbon commodity

we Guanhao start with three aspects in dealing with the problem of summer heat in the sunshine room:

1. Ventilation and heat dissipation. In summer, the sunshine room shines through the sun and absorbs the sun. The air temperature in the sunshine room increases, forming a temperature difference air layer. The closer it is to the top surface, the higher the temperature is. We open a skylight on the top (a skylight is opened on the top surface of 10-15 square meters), and let the hot air flow out to the top surface through the skylight, Together, the low-temperature air at the bottom is compensated by the facade window (chimney effect), and the indoor air is actively and rapidly circulated to cool down. (semi active skylight and electric skylight

2. Roof ventilation. The sunshine room has achieved the above two points. When there is direct sunlight, the indoor temperature of the sunshine room is 2 degrees higher than that of the outdoor. How can the indoor temperature of the sunshine room be reduced again? For this reason, Beijing Green grid sunshine room launched Beijing Green Grid sunshine room - degaw - ventilated energy-saving roof, which can make the roof breathe, discharge the remaining moisture out of the structural layer, and send it out by the ventilation system Roof, adhere to the dryness and health of all roofs; The heat and moisture discharged from the sunshine room together can also improve the sound insulation function and prolong the construction and use time

Guanhao sunshine room gives you peace of mind, comfort and satisfaction

3. Sunshade and sunscreen (avoid direct sunlight and temperature rise of indoor objects in the sunshine room). If the objects in the sunshine room are heated by the sun, the skylight ventilation alone cannot have the real intention of cooling down. The heated objects radiate and conduct heat quickly, making the indoor air adhere to the high temperature. As long as the sun is blocked outside, the indoor objects cannot absorb the sun, and the temperature in the sunshine room rises slowly. (folding cloth sunshade manual and electric, characteristic sunshade)




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