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Love talk is a skill that needs to be practiced for a lifetime. Let's take a few examples to learn

love words need to be practiced for a lifetime.

let's take a few examples and learn

for example, proposing marriage, ah q would say to Wu Ma: I want to sleep with you

Xu Zhimo will be affectionate: I want to wake up with you

tianlalu, the difference between the two words is very different

another example is drinking coffee

ordinary young people will complain to their girlfriends that

it's so bitter. Why is it only with such a small bag of sugar

(Ps. static pictures are not enough to calm girlfriend's anger ~)

literary youth will look into each other's eyes

can you put your fingers in my coffee

then I don't need sugar

continue tianlalu

for example, decoration

ordinary Europa will say to his wife

what kind of decoration do you like? You can choose it yourself

(the action is not intense, and there is no way to calm his wife's anger ~)

literary Europa will choose it well, and let the other half do multiple-choice questions

take out the pad or printed drawings

dear, You are the most special in my eyes

I think only such a different home can match you better

then open it one by one

if I can wake up with you in such a bedroom every day

I think I will be the happiest person in the world

such a elegant and artistic restaurant

with the romantic Qin embroidery wall cloth

reminds me of the restaurant we first met

do you like it

fresh and elegant shape

pure color but elegant style wall cloth

is the simple but not simple home I want to have with you

when the sun is good on weekends

we can sit on such a rattan chair

have a cup of coffee and chat

enjoy the artistic atmosphere complemented by the balcony

dear, I know you love romance most

if our home is like this,

we can every day Sitting on the sofa, look up and count the stars

are you dazzled


these sweet love words

make me feel crispy

have you learned them, Europa

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