Mix and match style washes out the lead of househo

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The colorful world, elegant, simple and quiet, is fresh and pure. Ivory, porcelain, linen and many other materials, with varying levels of light and shade, make the boundless white not rigid at all. The seemingly lonely white is not monotonous

pure white wall paint lays the main color in the room. Several white fabric cushions are piled on the pure white sofa at will, either woven, or decorated with daisies, bows and so on, which is beautiful and generous

the small table made of pure wood adds a rare natural color to the white world. Desk lamps, coffee cups, water cups, bowls, flowers, etc. are all white. On the wall shelf behind the sofa, porcelain flower vases, wooden vases, folding vases, etc. decorate the space more and more

here, simplicity and publicity coexist harmoniously, and the yellowing copper ring drawer and black wallpaper on a blue background are not abrupt. New and old furniture, wallpaper and decorations complement each other




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