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The National Day is approaching, and the golden month of marriage is coming soon. The wedding is only once in a lifetime. Have you thought about your wedding room? Has the beautiful bride thought about how to tie her husband's heart tightly with delicious food

someone said: once, there was a huge discount in front of me. After reveling for a long time, I saved a month's salary. I didn't cherish it. I didn't regret it until I lost it. Nothing in the world is more painful than this yes! Si Mi's 82nd anniversary birthday celebration, everyone knows? Landing activities, national blasting, 82 cities live; The new product launch in Beijing is high-end and magnificent; There is also a cabinet set meal that is high-value and cheap for you! It's such a flash birthday. Unexpectedly, some friends said they missed it! Missed! Missed

missed the previous birthday? No problem! Surprise wave after wave, the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, we let you love home, cool home! From September 12 to October 7, Sophia Simi cabinet, love Home Carnival season, let you love a purchase

Sisuo's whole house is bursting with huge benefits

15998 yuan for one bedroom and one kitchen

the National Day is approaching, and the golden month of marriage is coming soon. There is only one wedding in your life. Have you thought about your wedding room? Has the beautiful bride thought about how to tie her husband's heart tightly with food? Sophia joins hands with SMI cupboard to make you love your family more. It is the first choice for kitchen and bedroom just in need, and it is a customized "heart" pet that cannot be missed; The king of cost performance, Shuangcheng cabinet, affordable package, "summer" is not an example

Shuangcheng cupboard (within 3M) + Siemens smoke machine stove + 799 wardrobe (within 4 ㎡) + 1.5mc bed (send 1.5m dream Lily mattress) + 2 C bedside cabinets

three bedrooms and one kitchen 19999 yuan

a complete home, happy, how can we live without parents and children? Enhance the appearance of the whole house, create a comfortable master bedroom, and make the home "smell" fragrant. It is the top selling place of the year - Fontainebleau and Sofia. They offer great love and intimate equipment, so that you can enjoy a value-added experience

Fontainebleau cabinet (within 3M) + Siemens smoke machine stove + 899 wardrobe in the main bedroom wedding room (within 4 ㎡) + 799 wardrobe in the second bedroom (within 4 ㎡) + 799 wardrobe in the elderly/children's room (within 4 ㎡)

the whole house burst 28498 yuan

family should not only have love, but also have personality. Your family should have your the final say. Together with Sisuo, one-stop worry free whole house customization, modern style, two bedrooms, one living room and one kitchen, 15 piece set of huge benefits, to build your home in your heart

Shuangcheng cupboard (within 3M) + Siemens smoke machine stove + living room (716 simple/903 fashionable household cabinet + TV cabinet + TV combination cabinet + TV hanging cabinet) + bedroom [799 wardrobe (within 5 ㎡) + 1.5mc bed + 2 C bedside cabinets] + children's room (hidden wardrobe +1.2mk upturned bed + multi-functional learning table + multi-functional learning chair)

cupboards and clothes are purchased together, crazy rebate

Carnival we are serious, the whole room is customized, so we want you to love me only. Sisuo linkage rebate allows you to love, love and love endlessly. At the same time, you can order Simi cabinets and Sofia products (excluding special packages) and enjoy crazy rebate on the basis of preferential actual payment. Want to know how big we play? Go to SMI cupboard and Sofia stores to consult

top brand kitchen appliances, value for money

your kitchen appliances should be big enough. The kitchen "CP" of simi cabinet, the top brand Siemens kitchen appliances in Germany, has strongly joined the love family carnival season again. The excellent quality will save you worry and money! During the event, a number of Siemens cigarette and stove packages, disinfection cabinets, ovens, steamers, dishwashers and other hot-selling products, all make great profits and help you build a dream kitchen! Your beloved she said she wanted to take it home. Did you hear that

thousands of good gifts, everyone has a share

during the activity, new and old customers will be presented with 0 threshold good gifts. All kinds of store entry gifts, ordering gifts and payment gifts will surprise you constantly; French apron, Simi handcart, umbrella, knife, dish set, imported French wine, and mysterious surprise Award All kinds of gifts are spread in turn, sent willfully, and treated with "gifts". We should be sincere to you

I missed it once. Don't you hurry to see it this time? If you love home, I'll give you the price! Sophia smie cupboard, love Home Carnival, let you love me wholeheartedly

note: in addition to the above activity discounts, there are more surprises in Simi cabinet stores nationwide! There will be some differences in the preferential contents due to different situations in different places. Please refer to the publicity of the local Simi cabinet store. Please consult the store for details. The final interpretation right of the activity is owned by Simi kitchen cabinet Co., Ltd

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