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In modern society, due to the acceleration of the pace of life, the process of eating has become an important means for families to connect with each other, so many people also pay more and more attention to the decoration and layout of these spaces. In terms of the current situation of family decoration in Beijing, the intersection and blending of dining space and reception space are becoming more and more common, so a decent decoration is also needed to "deal with" guests

floor decoration materials for family dining space, with various tiles and composite wood floors as the preferred materials. These two kinds of decorative materials are generally welcomed by consumers because they are wear-resistant, dirt resistant and easy to clean. Using these two kinds of floor decoration materials, countless decoration styles and styles can be transformed, and the stone and carpet also use the local floor of the dining space to become colorful

on the walls of the restaurant space, the most common decorative materials are various latex paints and wall tiles, especially in warm colors. These two kinds of wall decoration materials are not only affordable and acceptable to most consumers, but also easy to clean. Using latex paint to decorate the dining space has become a typical way of decoration and collocation for the vast majority of people in Beijing. The top of the dining space is "in line with the reception space", using gypsum board ceiling

with the change of cooking methods, many kitchen appliances have entered the family, and the application of the new decoration concept of the integration of meals and kitchens, some "delicate" decorative materials have also been used in the decoration of cooking environment

furnishings of furniture

nowadays, there is rarely enough space in the family to set up a separate restaurant, so the dining table and chair are often put into the living room, and it is only used when entertaining guests or formal family dinners. As for the three meals a day, it is simply solved in the kitchen. It is better to choose a foldable table or a style with retractable wings, so that you can cope with large and small meals freely. If you've never had the opportunity to entertain many people, just buy a small table that's reliably placed

if your taste is quite trendy, then the rack table may be a good choice. This kind of dining table is not only very durable, but also easy to disassemble and collect when not in use, and the price is not expensive; Especially when you are short of money, it can be used as a temporary table during the transition period; When you move home one day and have enough money and space, you can move it to the studio for use

if possible, it is also ideal to buy a square table or round table with free height adjustment. It can be used as a dining table when it is raised, and as a tea table when it is lowered. In addition, folding chairs can also be used in many places. Their shapes are more novel and diverse than before, and the space occupied when not in use is also very limited





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