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On January 4, the largest local CRM system of Hubei Telecom was successfully launched (Fanyi): Recently, after the overnight hard work of the enterprise information department and more than 100 engineering and technical personnel of the project team, the boss-crm system of the largest local Wuhan Branch of Chinatelecom Hubei was successfully upgraded in may2013. The upgraded CRM2.0 version will effectively and quickly support the marketing front desk service, Meet the needs of full-service operation

the project team has successively made technical breakthroughs in marketing, finance, business, service and other systems, effectively solved many problems in supporting the full business operation service system of CRM, and completed the huge and complicated preparations for the launch in three months, including the time-division data preparation for the clearing and confirmation of business rules and sales system data and the unloading of impact testing machine; Three rounds of real-world business tests involving more than 7000 cases; 5 rounds of internal and external training and examination for more than 400 people; Ie8.0 terminal upgrade of urban business hall, suburban business hall and remote urban business hall; The five-day period included the parallel work of the 16 central business halls in the urban business hall, suburban business hall and remote urban business hall, which made the largest CRM system in the province, involving 5. After the sample was broken, the Wuhan local CRM2.0 version with the most electromechanical and links, the most complex business needs and the most difficult technical support was successfully launched

it is reported that after Hubei Telecom successfully implements the upgrade and cutover of the local CRM2.0 system, the foreground operating system will have multiple functions and features, such as a more friendly interface, faster operation, more standardized model, clearer boundary, more advanced technology and more stable system, which will effectively improve the supporting ability of the CRM system to improve business and new business and improve the efficiency of business opening

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