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CRM success secret: Four "P" principles

if you count the success rate of many CRM projects, you will be shocked by the current low success rate. Some analysts predict that as high as 70% of the CRM requirements currently being implemented are also the most stringent and are facing failure. Why? Because these companies were dazzled by the latest CRM technology heat wave, they purchased technology under improper consideration, and then incorporated the company's operation process and people into the operation track of CRM technology

technology is very important, which can be said to be an indispensable part for the successful implementation of CRM projects. Before the company considers establishing a technical platform, there are still some factors worth considering, that is, what I call the 4P secret of CRM success:


make a comprehensive and complete plan for CRM projects. List the goals you hope to achieve in the initial stage of implementation and in the coming years. If you don't know your implementation goals and how to obtain and use these data, your investment may end up buying unsuitable technologies, or even worse, there are technologies but no available programs

for example, if you want to obtain customer information from the station, set a goal in three steps. The first step is to get the customer's e-mail address and name; The second step is to get their real address and number; The third step is to get their purchase preferences. Set a goal for each step. For example, in the first step, 80% of the visitors' information should be collected. In the second step, 90% of the first visitors should become customers by turning the zero adjustment knob, that is, they will have purchase intention and give relevant information. In the third step, you should be able to understand their purchase preferences so that you can personalize these customers in the future and mail them shopping information with a view to their repeated purchases

after you have listed all of them in the planning phase, you can gradually start to choose the applicable solutions. In addition, you will realize that the solution you need must enable your employees to track the contact information of each customer


involve your employees and partners in CRM projects. This is a brand-new corporate culture, because not everyone in the company can fully accept the customer-centered concept. In preparation for the changes that technology may bring to employees' working methods, you should train employees in customer service skills, the implementation purpose and functions of CRM

two training plans should be prepared. One set mainly focuses on the change of corporate culture and related soft skills. The other is to prepare employees for the use of new technologies. Involve employees to determine how they view the new workflow. In this way, you can "fine tune" the training courses to maximize the effectiveness of the investment project

the importance of "P" (people) lies in another aspect. The most critical aspect of CRM is the relationship between the company and its customers. And your employees are the people who first established and maintained this important relationship. Therefore, make sure they know how to interact with customers, how to serve and influence customers. (this includes the relationship between them. After all, they are the customers of the relationship.)


carefully determine the CRM process. This is a comprehensive guidance chart, which contains a guide to how customers contact your company, how the company obtains information, how to deal with the obtained information, how to contact customers repeatedly, and how to plan to consolidate or consolidate all customer information

create various liquidity charts, service blueprints, and other graphical representations that you think can help understand - ensure that everyone in the company can understand the process from the perspective of customers. Most companies develop process analysis from their own perspective and then try to adapt their customers to their processes. You should consider whether this established process is applicable to customers. Because of this, ask your current customers what they really need and expect. Then ask them what they really get from your company. Put these steps into the process diagram and share this information with everyone. Because once you agree on the customer experience and process operation, you can start to think about the software

let's start with technical issues


now is the time to choose the CRM technology platform. Find a CRM software that is suitable for your company's operation mode and can be easily used in the process of customer service to enhance international competitiveness. At this time, you should have worked out the CRM program objectives, including people and chart flow chart. You should find a software that is most suitable for your company and customers. Carefully examine and test various CRM technology software packages (software and Internet integration tools) before deciding which is the best technology platform

when you know how to use this "4P" secret, you can be ahead of your competitors. If your company is in the category of companies that have not yet started implementing CRM, this method will help you jump over competitors. If you can use it correctly from the beginning, you don't have to do it again. (end)

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