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The second cross-strait and Hong Kong and Macao UAV aerial photography creation competition, such as Yantai Wanhua, covestro, BASF and Dow Chemical, began to collect works. Beijing, October 24 (Zhang Su) the second cross-strait and Hong Kong and Macao simultaneous UAV aerial photography creation competition with the theme of "40 years and brilliant footprints" began to collect works on October 24

be responsible for giving prompts when the experimenters' operation faults or computer errors are reported. It was learned from the organizing committee that the top 30 UAV aerial photography teams will be selected through public network voting, and then 40 aerial photography teams from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong and Macao will be invited to Shenzhen, the forefront of reform and opening up, to carry out competition and exchange of limited time creation. Finally, the expert judges will select the best works of this aerial photography creation competition 12 awards including best popularity, best screenwriter and best flying without being crushed

the second cross strait and Hong Kong and Macao UAV aerial photography competition was approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, guided by the China Television Artists Association, and jointly sponsored by the China Association for the promotion of cultural development and the China Association for remote sensing applications

the organizing committee said that the competition aims to create a new model for teenagers' learning, entertainment and interpersonal communication, especially the cultural exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and between Hong Kong and Macao, through the advanced and fashionable scientific and technological means of UAV aerial photography

it was learned that the first cross-strait and Hong Kong and Macao UAV aerial photography competition held in 2017 was held in Shenzhen with the theme of "overlooking Shenzhen, showing Pengcheng". A total of 20 excellent aerial photography teams, including 13 from the mainland, 5 from Taiwan, 1 from Hong Kong and 1 from Macao, concentrated in Shenzhen for aerial photography creation and limited time competition. The jury composed of film and television art and UAV aerial photography application experts finally selected one gold, silver and Bronze Award for the best work and one judge recommendation award, and selected five individual awards for best screenplay, aerial photography, flying hand, platform and editing

the organizing committee said that unlike the first aerial photography creation competition, which only focused on scenery, the second aerial photography competition focused on the theme of "40 years of brilliant footprints", and encouraged the aerial photography team to explore themes that ordinary people can see and touch from the perspectives of humanities, scenery and industry. In the form of competition, it not only inherited the successful experience of "extensive collection, directional invitation and limited time creation" in the first competition, but also creatively added the "network voting" link for the first time. Through "network voting + expert review", the "top30 excellent aerial photography team of UAVs across the Taiwan Strait and Hong Kong and Macao" was determined in the preliminary competition link

in order to ensure the artistry, originality and high standard of the competition, and maintain the fairness and impartiality of the competition, the competition organizing committee has established a jury. Huzhanfan, vice chairman of the China Federation of literary and art circles, chairman of the China Television Artists Association and former head of CCTV, is invited to serve as the chairman of the jury. The jury is composed of well-known artists, artists, directors, remote sensing and UAV aerial photography experts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong and Macao, such as CCTV, the China Photographers Association, the China Association for remote sensing applications, the Macao Film Association, and the China Youth digital cultural and creative exchange association. (end)

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