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SPD credit card launched the artificial intelligence animation customer service platform

artificial intelligence has become a hot topic in the current science and technology field. The emergence of artificial intelligence has realized human-computer interaction, so that the originally cold machine can learn the way of human communication from thinking to content and voice through intelligent design. Recently, SPDB credit card took the lead in launching an artificial intelligence customer service platform in the industry to provide consumers with more interesting 1. Precautions for the use of rubber tensile strength testing machine, more intelligent and convenient customer service

The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence is the product of the rapid development of China's Internet in the past 20 years. The network computing capacity has been improved millions of times. In addition, the data collection and processing capacity has been greatly improved. Through clustering and classification, the meaning and algorithm behind massive data are derived. As deep machine learning becomes more and more popular, artificial intelligence has entered all aspects of our lives

in the financial industry, the call center has been a main way for customers to contact the bank for many years. However, after 15 years, users usually encounter many troubles in the process, such as busy lines, long waiting, cumbersome language menu settings, and unable to get answers quickly. In order to make up for the shortcomings of customer service, some bank credit card centers also provide keyword query self-service Q & a systems. Cardholders can get the bank to provide services to cardholders according to the preset automatic reply content through some optional keyword input. However, the programmed reply and cold feedback usually greatly reduce the user experience

recently, it has just been announced that in less than half a year in 2017, the operating revenue of Pudong development credit card has exceeded 20billion yuan, and it has once again made a greater move in the credit card industry: launching the Xiaopu Xinxin chat artificial intelligence animation customer service platform through the Pudong Xiben app. It is reported that this is an application based on TTS (text to speech) and ASR (automatic speech recognition) engine combined with naturallanguageprocessing. ASR converts the user's voice into text sentences composed of different words, while TTS converts the text sentences into computer-generated voice. Through the built-in chip, it injects a large number of life-oriented and intelligent scenes, and then through the man-machine voice dialogue, Xiaopu Xinchan answers the user's questions, so as to improve the accuracy and recognition rate of the response and achieve second response

the artificial intelligence animation customer service platform launched by Shanghai Pudong development credit card based on the current situation integrates the characteristics of scientific and technological intelligence and interesting interaction. Customers can register and bind the Pu Da Xiben app to interact with Xiao Pu immediately after entering the platform. Cardholders can ask questions through this artificial intelligence platform, and can conduct bill query, integral query, quota adjustment, installment processing, universal fund processing and other businesses, This is the first keyless, real-time dialogue artificial intelligence service platform in the credit card industry to take the lead in realizing the innovation of customer service system

Xiaopu Xinxin chat is also the first to embed animation elements to create an animation customer service image with actions and expressions. It may give you a pleasant surprise that the sound quality and sound sense are very close to the voice of real people through voice reply. This intelligent customer service platform fills a gap in the field of credit card services. With the popularization and development of artificial intelligence technology, it has become a reality to provide customers with interactive interactive experience. At the same time, intelligent applications have effectively improved the sense of customer experience. Zhang. The policy of reducing coal production capacity is being quietly constructed.

industry observers have learned that SPD credit cards not only continuously improve the quality of customer service, but also continue to launch products that make card users scream, bringing vitality to the credit card market and becoming a dark horse in the credit card industry. At the same time, it has once again taken the lead in the credit card industry in terms of artificial intelligence. Through the screening and analysis of credit card big data, it intelligently identifies the user's needs, identifies the business that the user wants to handle, automatically matches them, and meets the user's needs to interact with the system through text, language, etc. to complete the business

maybe soon, we will be able to apply for a credit card on the Xiaopu Xinxin chat artificial intelligence animation customer service platform. Just say to apply for a card, and the application page will pop up automatically; If you want to know about the bill, ask about the bill, and the customer's bill page will be displayed in front of you. The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence is profoundly changing our lives. SPD credit card has seized this historical opportunity and continuously made its own contribution to the reform of the credit card industry

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