The most popular crane wall is to build a rubber a

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On November 3, the signing ceremony of Hebi rubber auxiliary base construction project was held in Shancheng District Zhedong Rubber Co., Ltd., marking the official settlement of the rubber auxiliary base project with an investment of more than 100 million yuan in Hebi

it is understood that the base is jointly invested and established by Jiangsu Changzhou Wuzhou rubber aid factory, Zhejiang Huangyan rubber aid Chemical Co., Ltd., Neihuang Jiutian rubber aid material Co., Ltd. and Hebi Jinshi Rubber & plastic material Co., Ltd. for the screw material factory with cooling system. The total investment of the company is 100million yuan, including 35million yuan for the first phase project, 30million yuan for the second phase project and 35million yuan for the third phase project. The project is expected to start construction at the end of November this year. The first phase of the project can be completed and put into operation in March next year. Huaibei City focuses on building a 100 billion ceramic aluminum peak. The second phase of the project will start construction in June next year. It is expected that the output value will reach 100million yuan next year, 200million yuan in 2006 and 500million yuan in 2007

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