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The CRM system makes the key points of customer information truly reappear.

it is in full swing. How can it be wonderful before everything is over? This seems to shift to the philosophical category, which seems to be the perception of life. But what I want to say today is how to use xtools' CRM system to make every key point of customer information stand before our eyes

xtoolscrm's interface for creating new customers. The author previously said that it is a quick way to create new customers to save the author's career, and the degree of use is recommended to be three stars. For today's new customers, five stars are recommended. If it was not for a short period of time, when entering customers, the author would choose the full attribute entry method, and the more comprehensive the data, the better

for new enterprise users in xtoolscrm, there are many fields for basic customer information, only three of which are required: customer name, mnemonic abbreviation, and type. This does not mean that the other fields are not important. Just as Qianlong Hougong wished the Jung summit forum better and better. For him, his favorite is not the queen. He prefers the fragrant concubine. But the queen is a required field. As an emperor, you should have a little love for her even if you don't love her so much. Therefore, in addition to the important mandatory options marked in red, other fields should also be improved as much as possible. The importance of the contents of these fields allows the author to share with you the idea of flowers

m's hot customers will compete with each other in the bright season of flowers, and you will find many red flowers that are more red than red It is easy to label as a hot customer. Customers with slight intention can be classified as such, but there are always withers in the flowers. Therefore, the hot customer function is a relatively strict process of eliminating key points The cleaning function is very intelligent. In fact, it is like the error correction function of DVD. It can clean up fake hot spot customers in time to avoid interference

ools system value evaluation: if a bunch of scarlet is redder than a rose, it only means that it is a hot spot, but it does not mean that the value of scarlet is higher than a rose Maybe some customers are not intended customers, but they are what people call "big customers" in the industry, which also deserves our attention Because the rose is so beautiful, even if it is not red enough

oolscrm system relationship grade continues to take Chuanhong and rose as examples. Even though there are only a few enterprises with relevant material production capacity nationwide and the recent popularity comparison is still not comprehensive, the relationship grade is based on personal subjective consciousness or emotional depth of communication with customers For example, if there is sweet water in the red stamens, the children must like to taste it, but the children do not understand love. How can they feel beautiful about thorny roses So from the emotional point of view, the relationship between the children and Chuanhong is close, and the relationship with rose is poor Adults are the opposite

m customers' credit rating, which should be in full bloom in spring, has a special case of "plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold" If the plum blossom says to you, I won't bloom with you in spring until winter In fact, this is a customer accounting period problem! But I believe that plum blossoms will bloom in winter Because it has always had a good credit record If Epiphyllum said to you that it should bloom all the year round, we can only see how it will die four hours later with sympathy! In business dealings, we should be extra careful about the promises of Epiphyllum customers

m customer types, whether you should water or fertilize, whether you should let the flowers grow freely or whether you need to set up a scaffold, and the stages should be divided in detail according to the types. At the present stage, the customers and our 1. Cement pressure testing machine are high-tech mechanical, electrical and hydraulic products. The operators must be trained in advance to master the operating essentials. The cooperation status of the testing machine can be operated only after passing the examination. This is essential information. Otherwise, the sales will lose the routine of playing cards

6. Customers come from Europe, tropical rain forest, Tokyo and Hainan... When you know that most of your favorite flowers come from a certain region, you may pay more attention to it. Just as most of your customers come from the Internet, you will focus on network consulting. If most of your customers come from customer referrals, you will focus on network maintenance

oolscrm sales funnel stage, the growth process of flowers coincides with the business process. Whether pre-sales maintenance in bud or contract execution in full bloom is a stage that flower lovers need to understand

m system can subdivide industries, woody flowers and herbaceous flowers, or divide dynamic experiments such as impact and fatigue in spring, summer, autumn and winter, so that we can better define some attributes of flowers Such as hardness, cold resistance, degree of water required, etc. To understand the customers of an industry, you can draw inferences from one instance when you encounter similar situations in the future. At the same time, we can grasp the customer attributes from the overall situation

m for the analysis of personnel scale, there is a kind of flower that is everywhere, a kind of flower that only opens on the cliff on the top of Mount Tai alone, and a kind of flower that is distributed in people's homes... We know the scale of customers is one aspect of understanding their strength. It is only a reference, and does not represent that the strength is proportional to the number of people

oolscrm label means that there is a potted plant in my family. I got up in the morning and poured a pot of water. My mother got up and poured a pot of water. My father got up and poured a pot of water. Then the potted plant was drowned So the next day, the author pasted a note next to the potted plant, which said: today the flowers have been watered, parents and adults do not repeat So the function of the label is to warn us what we have done to avoid being ravaged again

11. Superior customers are like roots under flowers. We appreciate the gorgeous beauty, and we should not forget that the roots are straight from the middle to the outside. Superior customer is a more comprehensive grasp and understanding of the current customer relationship

12. Company profile, what is the name of this flower? The name of the Milky way? It will wither after several months of opening, watering frequency, whether it is suitable for domestic breeding, and adaptability to fertilizers... We should try our best to get close to Baidu Encyclopedia data so that we can have a definite goal in our future work

13. Contact information, where to see flowers, how to see flowers? Flower market or wilderness, balcony or park, this is the most basic information. Or we won't even find the flowers

so to sum up: carefully improve the fields of the new customer interface. From then on, let every customer be as beautiful as flowers. (end)

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