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Criteo launched the Shanghai data center and increased investment in the Chinese market. On January 18, 2016, the effects marketing technology company criteo (NASDAQ: crto) announced the official launch of the Shanghai data center. The greater the toughness of new data materials, the launch of the center will bring better advertising display results to customers, which also reflects criteo's commitment to the Chinese market. At present, the data center has started to serve advertisers and most publishers in China, and plans to serve all publishers in China this quarter. In the past four years, in order to meet the growing demand caused by expansion, the number of servers in criteo has increased to 15000 worldwide

criteo CEO promoted 78.25% year on year. Ericeichmann: criteo has always regarded China as an important strategic market. The launch of Shanghai data center is an important deployment in criteo's long-term development strategy, and also a guarantee for us to improve local business operations. The new data center will further enhance the strength of criteo and better serve local advertisers, publishers and users in China

after the local data center is enabled, criteo's prediction and recommendation engine will achieve more flexible, flexible and efficient connections in China. Criteo engine, based on self-learning algorithm and prediction engine technology, can help customers display personalized and real-time advertisements to those visitors who fail to convert

Mr. zhengjiaqiang, President of criteo China, said: the high-performance data center in Shanghai will lay a solid foundation for criteo to help accelerate the development of China's e-commerce. It can further improve the performance of criteo engine in the Chinese market, improve the delivery efficiency of effective advertising, and help advertisers more effectively attract and transform consumers

criteo Shanghai data center is designed and built in full accordance with the high standards of redundancy, security and flexibility. The center is connected with China Unicom and Chinatelecom, two mainstream network service providers in China, and has high bandwidth capacity. Through the dedicated international private circuit, the Shanghai data center is also connected with criteo's other two data centers in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. The new data center will make criteo platform delay shorter and network performance better, which not only brings benefits to Chinese customers, but also provides a strong guarantee for criteo to achieve business growth in China

in recent years, criteo's global business has developed rapidly. At present, criteo has 27 offices in the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, providing real-time advertising to more than 9250 advertisers around the world. Precautions for the installation of electronic universal experimental machine criteo cooperates with nearly 12000 publisher stations to display real-time advertisements through advertising spaces. In addition, to ensure that each advertising service process can be completed within 100 milliseconds, criteo has established corresponding platforms in each region to ensure a closer connection with local publishers

Shanghai data center is the third and seventh Data Center launched by criteo in the Asia Pacific region. The other two are the Hong Kong Data Center launched in may2014 and the Tokyo Data Center launched in March 2011. Crit is the latest thermal insulation material. EO currently has more than 15000 servers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region

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