The most popular crans launched PET bottle blowing

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Krans launched "PET bottle blowing"

Krans began to launch the "PET bottle blowing filling integrated production line" for beer (the annual sales in Europe has reached 100million marks and will reach 2billion marks in the future). Before finding a better blowing process suitable for beer filling PET bottles, there are currently plasma inner coating and outer coating, pen/pet method and multi-layer bottle method, but these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages

as a packaging container for beer, the first is the problem of safety (bottle bursting). B-bottle should promote the construction of a healthy China and not let bottle bursting disappear; The second is the problem of light weight. Generally, the 640ml beer bottle is 460~540g, or from the perspective of safety, improve the pressure resistance of the bottle and increase the bottle weight to 600 g; The third is hygiene. Glass bottles are well known by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and new materials need convincing certification; The fourth is appearance, consumers' senses and fashion

at present, the traditional one-step bottle blowing is difficult to ensure the geometric size of the container, the transportation cost is high, and there is a problem of secondary pollution. For the application of nanotechnology in the industrialization of PET beer bottles, it is best to consider the two-step method. Existing equipment will be combined with nanotechnology to help customers optimize their solutions

polyester film manufacturers hope to introduce nanotechnology into the production of polyester film to solve the barrier problem. Enterprises producing plastic extrusion and blowing machinery and equipment need to solve the problem of combining nano montmorillonite with PP and PE on site, and then using extrusion and blowing technology to make bottles and improve the barrier of packaging bottles

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