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Baihui CRM sales director salon on May 16, Baihui CRM sales director salon was successfully concluded in Beijing. This session of the salon was based on the application practice of CRM in the IT industry. The participants came from such sub industries as software services, hardware sales, system integration and Internet services, Discuss CRM together in IT industry Jany said: "These are the practical topics of the highly differentiated business industry.

Baihui itself is a very typical software service enterprise, and has accumulated a set of practical CRM management ideas and systems over the years of operation. It is not only applicable to enterprises with a business model similar to Baihui, but also can be expanded to the pan IT industry.

the main topics of this salon are divided into two parts. First, sundongdong, President of Beijing Baihui Zongheng Technology Co., Ltd., will do the theme Give a presentation on how the IT industry sales director applies CRM. From the perspective of the president of the software service company who is responsible for managing the business, sundongdong gives corresponding management methods and ideas on the common difficulties faced by the president or sales director

sundongdong pointed out that the sales directors in the IT industry generally face two management difficulties, one is the difficulty in improving performance, the other is the difficulty in team management. To significantly improve performance, we need to start from the following four aspects. First, the cost for enterprises to obtain clues is increasing year by year. CRM helps to seize every hard won clue and does not waste the investment in obtaining clues. Second, the use of scientific and systematic tracking of the sales process is conducive to achieving a high order rate. Thirdly, following the "two eight" principle, CRM can help the sales director easily monitor those important business opportunities and important customers, which are the guarantee of achieving performance. Fourth, good performance comes from efficient work. CRM is not only a management helper for managers, but also a useful weapon for salespeople in their daily work. A smart sales director has the obligation to choose the best weapon for employees. At the same time, CRM is also a sharp tool to solve the difficulty of team management; CRM can also help enterprise managers look back on marketing investment from sales results, making future marketing actions more evidence-based

for the second topic, Ning Shunming, the industry Solution Consultant of Baihui CRM, did the explanation of specific solutions and product demonstration, that is, put the methods and concepts mentioned above into practice, and led the participants to experience how Baihui CRM realized these management points in its products one by one. Participants either took notes, or took photos of the contents of the provincial expert database in the field of new materials, or thought deeply. The sales director salon in this period not only passed on the practical application knowledge of CRM, but also laid a good foundation for the popularization of CRM in all walks of life

next, the sales director salon and Baihui CRM open class of Baihui CRM for practical application sharing in other industries are in full preparation. They are an important part of Baihui CRM popularization plan to accept social supervision. People from all walks of life and enterprises are welcome to pay attention to the salon activities and courses to be launched by Baihui CRM

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