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"Chuangxiang" meets the "blue ocean" in the breakthrough of customization strategy everywhere Abstract: in fact, in addition to Opel and Rex, a large number of powerful domestic enterprises are also continuously improving their e-commerce business, seizing the "market cake". Among them, the sales volume of chuangxiang Optoelectronics in e-commerce has made remarkable achievements, and the sales volume of its low-voltage lamp strip in e-commerce has surpassed that of major domestic manufacturers

in recent years, powerful brands such as Opel, Rex, Foshan Lighting, Sanxiong aurora and Midea lighting have made great efforts in e-commerce and won important seats in the e-commerce field. Among them, Opel and Rex have obvious advantages

in fact, in addition to Opel and Rex, a large number of powerful enterprises in China are also continuously improving their e-commerce business, seizing the "market cake". Among them, Shenzhen chuangxiang optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "chuangxiang optoelectronics") has made remarkable achievements in e-commerce sales, and its sales of low-voltage lamp strips in e-commerce have surpassed that of major domestic manufacturers

according to Zhang Bing, general manager of chuangxiang optoelectronics, "As early as 2011, most of the LED light strips sold on tmall were high-voltage products above 220V, and almost no one sold low-voltage light strips. Aiming at this market gap, we quickly laid out the tmall flagship store. Different from the previous emphasis on advanced weapons and landing operations, the initial monthly turnover of 20000 yuan was gradually sold to more than 1 million yuan a month, filling this market gap in less than a year."

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Zhang Bing, general manager of chuangxiang optoelectronics, was founded in 2002. Chuangxiang optoelectronics is a leading LED R & D manufacturer in the world. Its products mainly cover LED components, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering applications and other fields. At present, it has passed CE, ROHS, GMC, TUV and other domestic and foreign product qualification certification, and is deeply favored by customers in domestic and foreign markets. In April 2017, Wenzhou municipal government issued the development plan and action plan for emerging industries. In April, chuangxiang optoelectronic LED lamp belt passed UL safety certification in the United States and will fully enter the European and American markets

"we have a senior product R & D team in the industry, and constantly introduce the world's advanced production equipment and processes. Since the inception of the company, we have adhered to the service concept of" complete varieties, reliable quality, stable supply and comprehensive service ". Through continuous technological innovation and service reform, we have grown into an International Optoelectronic enterprise with global significance." Zhang Bing told senior engineer led

take the customized route to enter the new blue ocean market

in today's LED lighting industry, the market demand is becoming more and more diversified, and the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. It has become an urgent task for enterprises to seek a way to survive. After a long period of oversupply, consumers' choices are no longer "passive", and they are very keen on customized products

due to the rapid increase of consumers' pursuit for personalized lamp products, people are calling for lamps to adapt to different occasions and different lighting functions, and lamps suitable for various use requirements have also emerged

chuangxiang optoelectronics takes LED patch lamp beads as its main product, supporting customization of various materials, mold opening and color temperature, etc., and breaking through by taking a differentiated route

at present, the operation of smd-5050, smd-5730 and SM plastic granulator has touched a wide range of areas of the national economy, including d-3528, smd-2835 and other series products, with considerable sales. Smd-5050, as the company's flagship product, has formed mass production

Zhang Bing said, "in the early days, there were not many enterprises making LED light beads in the market. Everyone also made different color temperatures. The color temperature of our LED chip light beads ranged from 1500k to 30000k, and the span was relatively large. In addition, we used copper brackets and pure gold wires as raw materials, and the chips chose Kerui, Jingyuan and San'an products according to customer needs. Although the prices were a little expensive, the price performance ratio was very high."

create light for the world. In this market environment with rampant counterfeits, chuangxiang optoelectronics can always adhere to integrity and ensure quality, which is undoubtedly not a clear stream in the industry. Of course, in recent years, it has also made successful application cases in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, clothing engineering, subway and other fields

overcome technical difficulties and enter the LED bracket Market

as we all know, led brackets are supporting the LED packaging industry. They are in the middle of the industrial chain and have a high technical content. They are also the most difficult part of all auxiliary materials. At present, they are mainly monopolized by Japanese and Taiwan enterprises. Domestic LED packaging enterprises need to import a large number of overseas products, so they cannot form localized supporting facilities and reflect cost advantages, which restricts China's LED industry

in this context, chuangxiang optoelectronics group has established a "strong" support R & D and sales team to formally set foot in the LED support field

according to Zhang Bing, "the bracket of chuangxiang optoelectronics is made of copper, which has good thermal conductivity and small light attenuation, and gives customers a 5-year warranty. In fact, many customers have been using it for 3 years without any quality problems."

it is understood that the ex factory qualification rate of chuangxiang optoelectronics products has reached 100%, the customer satisfaction rate is 98%, and the annual increase is 0.2%--0.3%. There is no doubt that this is a team with deep foundation

Zhang Bing frankly said, "customers' recognition of our products is our driving force for progress. In the future, we will ensure the continuous improvement of the company's product and service quality by adhering to the code of conduct of" thinking, creating, breaking through and Surpassing ", so as to provide efficient solutions for the global LED market."

it is worth mentioning that the LED bracket of chuangxiang optoelectronics has reached millions of pcs per month. Among them, 15% are for self use and the remaining 85% are for sale

enter into plant lighting and open up a new way

with the increasingly fierce competition in the general lighting market, many LED manufacturers have made efforts to open up a new way in plant lighting, UV LED, visible light communication and other market segments

among them, the plant growth lamp has become another "blue ocean" for LED lighting

according to the statistics of LED Research Institute of advanced industry and Research (GGII), the output value of LED applied plant lighting in the world has shown a rapid growth trend since last year. Philips, OSRAM, Ge, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Chemical, sharp, Panasonic and other major international lighting manufacturers have competed in the field of plant lighting and began to show their strength

for creative optoelectronics, which makes LED light strips, it will not miss this very tempting market. It starts to layout plant growth lights, continues the customized route, and selects the most suitable band according to different plants

"nowadays, the environment around the world is seriously polluted. Although the cost of plant growth lamp is high, it is still a general trend in the future. Therefore, we will take plant growth lamp as the next key layout object of the company." Zhang Bing finally mentioned

it is believed that with the arrival of the national "13th five year plan", the market prospect of ED plant growth lamp will be broader when l increases to 4.0kn

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