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The spirit of craftsman, between becoming a demon and a Buddha, is the highest realm that can only be understood and difficult to explain. Before a generation of masters, they always go through the whole process from apprenticeship, growth, profit, breakthrough to subversion and innovation. I have no idea and unique skills. I dare not mention "craftsman spirit"

craftsman spirit, between becoming a demon and becoming a Buddha, can only be understood as the highest realm that is difficult to explain. It is like the darkest night sky before dawn. Before a generation of masters, it always goes through the whole process from apprenticeship, growth, profit, breakthrough to subversion and innovation. Whether it's a person or a thing, I don't have any ideas and unique skills. I really dare not mention "craftsman spirit"

no one can climb the "craftsman spirit"

since Premier Li proposed the "craftsman spirit" in the report of the two sessions at the beginning of 2016, the brands related to the "craftsman spirit" have shown a trend of excessive proliferation. Now when you mention the "craftsman spirit", nine times out of ten you will reply with one sentence - what kind of craftsman spirit is it

yes, "craftsman spirit" can't be climbed if you want to. Just like many losers lying on the roadside on the way to the top of Mount Everest, climbing Mount Everest must be a pilgrimage in the hearts of mountaineers, but at the same time, you should also do what you can. Although there have been regular comments on "craftsman spirit" in duniang and many public platforms, there are still very few Chinese brands that can really achieve this state, especially in the home building materials industry, the number of brands that really dare to shout this sentence is enough

"craftsman spirit" is not installed, and it can not be achieved overnight by blindly expanding factories, expanding product sales, expanding marketing teams and advertising. Perhaps our state-owned home building materials brands cannot have a history of more than 100 years like many similar brands in Germany, Japan, Britain, France, the United States, etc., but in the more than 30 years of reform and opening up, there are still some brands who want to be dedicated to their own world. For them, "craftsman spirit" is the painstaking work year after year, day and night, the continuous progress and leap of products from excellence to the top, from the top to perfection, the experience precipitation accumulated bit by bit with data and facts, and the king style of the whole line of the terminal market and its absolute share

no one has invincible wisdom from birth, and no brand has unlimited energy from its own creation. Looking at hundreds of well-known brands in Germany, Japan and other countries for more than a hundred years, all of them have become more firm and show stronger vitality in the ups and downs of a hundred years. From this, we can see that before becoming a "master" in various fields, having a firm and patient quality is the premise to realize the "craftsman spirit"

take bamboo in nature as an example. Every winter, its internal fiber structure is more compact and dense, and the toughness of its skin is stronger. Finally, it can be made into various objects that people like, firm and durable. Because of this characteristic, bamboo is always regarded as having noble character and responsibility. Bamboo and wood are the same, and brands and people should take on this responsibility

I remember that since the financial crisis in 2007, a considerable number of enterprises have disappeared due to the sharp reduction of orders abroad and the domestic sluggish market environment, while a number of building materials brands that value public praise and seek quality have gained huge development space. It has been eight years since it climbed to the top of China's solid wood door export volume with 1million fans in 2007. Shengyou wooden door products have firmly occupied the main position of solid wood doors in major building materials supermarkets around the world, including Saint Gobain of France, Lehua Meilan, the United States, Japan and so on. It has also become a quality spokesman for Chinese solid wood doors that sell well in 26 countries around the world. Shengyou wooden door is equally outstanding in Las Vegas, the driest place in the world, and Tokyo, Japan, the wettest place in the world. The constancy of the brand is the strongest public praise. Today, Shengyou wooden door has become the representative of Chinese solid wood door brands unanimously recommended and praised by the world's top wood door procurement experts. Shengyou wooden door has also truly completed the great evolution of Chinese solid wood door from low-end resource-based export to high-quality value-added output with practical actions

ingenuity lasts forever, and one mind spreads forever.

Shengyou, a time-honored large-scale solid wood door production enterprise that has grown up for 25 years, has been influenced by German industry, followed the footsteps of Luban, and has always grasped its own temperament and pulse in continuous exploration and progress, turning the seemingly illusory "craftsman spirit" into reality: complete the layout of the whole industrial chain ecological chain, and realize the sales, installation, and Control all links of service integration; Relying on the 10million household registration monument in the world for more than 10 years, we have basically realized the quality commitment of "ten-year warranty and lifelong maintenance"; Apply the thinking of "building block innovation" to quickly realize the integration of segment markets and comprehensively layout the national market; Positioning the urban middle class, serving the elite population, and quickly identifying segmented users with the concept of cost-effective solid wood door advocates; We should boldly apply the "one manufacturer thinking", and high-quality dealers should directly upgrade their partners to create great achievements

the intention and evolution of all this are all centered on the word "ingenuity", because Sheng you knows that what is stored in the museum is difficult to enter the public's field of vision, and only what is spread to thousands of households and visible and touchable is a real good thing. Ingenuity is stubborn. It has the quality and intention of not making do with sacrifice; Ingenuity is a kind of feeling, which has the youth of silently studying without knowing hard work; Ingenuity is a great love, full of infinite respect and affection for users, colleagues and the industry

not every brand can climb the "craftsman spirit". When brands and products become the general praise of the industry, the dealers' years of follow-up and the heartfelt love of the majority of users, you can live up to all the years and deserve your immortal craftsmanship

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