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Now the post-80s and post-90s are the main force to buy houses. After buying a house, of course, they are faced with decoration problems. Most young people decorate for the first time, and the lack of decoration knowledge is a very common phenomenon. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network offers tips for the post-80s and post-90s young people. What problems should we pay attention to when decorating

first, about green plants. Many young people like to put a lot of green plants at home for decoration, because green plants have the effect of purifying the air and eliminating harmful gases in the air, especially the harmful gases left in the room after decoration. Therefore, the overall feeling of the room is ignored, so the green plants placed indoors should be few and fine, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue after a long time

second, about electrical appliances. For convenience, many people will put computers, televisions and other electrical appliances in the bedroom. These electrical appliances will cause damage to human body when used, and when there are many electrical appliances, they will form a magnetic field, which is more harmful to health

third, about wallpaper. For young people, the choice of wallpaper is often to look beautiful, but for the overall environment of a family, it needs to be matched, and yellow is easy to affect people's thinking; Black is too heavy to be used in a large area; Gold is bad for people's eyes. In addition, wallpapers should not only choose one style, but also mix and match

fourth, about mattresses. In daily life at home, mattresses are relatively easy to ignore, but mattresses do have a lot of bacteria, so it is recommended to clean the mattresses with hot water once a month and dry them in the sun. The bedspread should be impervious to mites

fifth, about light. The quality of lighting can completely affect the feeling of your home. Colored lighting is easy to make people uncomfortable, and there will be some serious adverse reactions, so try to use soft lighting for indoor lighting

sixth, about the floor. How to choose the floor material is a place that needs attention, because if the floor used in the whole home is a kind of material, it is easy to make a harmful substance exceed the standard, causing great harm to the human body, so it is recommended to use different materials together

seventh, about bathroom. Due to the use of the bathroom, it is usually damp. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to in the bathroom decoration is to prevent moisture and dampness. Even if the bathroom waterproof floor is used in the bathroom, we should also pay attention to making an extra layer of insurance. We should be careful in every detail, and make a little mistake, which is more troublesome for later occupancy




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