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Don't think it's cheap to find guerrillas to decorate. In fact, you have already jumped into the trap they laid. On the Wuhan Decoration Forum, you can see many posts that the owners were entrapped by the construction team, all of them want to cry without tears, and regret! Although I have seen countless lessons from the past, there has never been a lack of consumers who have swallowed the pain of the decoration team. According to the reporter, now the decoration team's "pit father" approach is more subtle and advanced. If you want to fight their wits and courage with them, you can't do your homework in advance. Take a look at the four traps commonly used by Wuhan Decoration Company and guerrillas! It makes you afraid when you think of it

trap 1:

first use low-cost sockets

and then think of ways to increase prices

hydropower transformation is the easiest link for the whole home decoration to "make money". Miss Gao of Wuchang is going to have a new house for marriage, 105.7 square meters, 3 rooms, 2 halls, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 balcony. She found a Wuhan Decoration Company and a decoration team to make budget quotations respectively. According to the prevailing algorithm in the industry, according to the drawings of the transformation plan, the decoration company uses the actual meters to calculate, the water pipe is 50 meters, 200 yuan/meter; The electric wire is 60 meters, 20 yuan/meter, and the total budget of hydropower is 11200 yuan

"the decoration construction team proposed to use the algorithm of eight spaces, 800 yuan per space, a total of 6400 yuan. As soon as I saw that there was a lot of money missing, I was ready to contract them for water and electricity." Miss Gao thought that anyway, the water pipes and wires should be used as much as possible, which was a dead end. Why not be so cheap. "Later, the decoration team proposed to change the water pipe that the developer did from the ground to the top, first for the convenience of maintenance, and second, in case of leakage, it can be found at the first time." About this statement, Miss Gao consulted the insiders and learned that this technique is recognized, but because it needs to be removed and then go from the top, the number of meters of water pipes naturally increases

"the decoration construction team said that it was calculated at 150 yuan/meter (50 yuan cheaper than the unit price of the decoration company), but the length of the water pipe was 70 meters, that is, 10500 yuan. Plus the 1200 yuan of the circuit, it was also 11700 yuan, which was not less than the quotation of the decoration company." Miss Gao said

trap 2:

deliberately reduce the process

lead to wall cracking

for the first decoration, Miss Zhao, who lives in Hankou, did not consult a professional decoration company at all, but just listened to the introduction of her colleagues and contracted the work to a local decoration team. "The construction started in September last year, and I didn't want to make a big fight, so it was completed before the Spring Festival in 2012. I usually stare at it on weekends while working. I didn't expect that when I went to see it during the May Day holiday this year, I found that the wall that had just been powdered had cracks, and some places had blistered."

Miss Zhao tried to contact the decoration team, but the latter was vague and prevaricated on the grounds of normal thermal expansion and contraction. Miss Zhao looked for a friend from a decoration company, knocked twice, and shoveled a piece of wall. It turned out that the decoration team directly applied putty and latex paint without removing the wall, resulting in the putty and the wall can not fit together well, which is easy to cause cracking, foaming, falling and other problems. It is understood that the formal process standard for painting emulsion paint is: first shovel off a layer of the wall, then lay grid cloth to reinforce the wall, and then apply putty. After three times of putty, brush a primer and then a finish coat

trap 3:

falsely report the amount of materials

in order to make more money

Xiao Wu in Huangpi District encountered the problem of falsely reporting materials by the decoration team. The decoration team told him that it needed 9 water pipe joints, but actually only 5. In addition, Xiao Wu's house is close to 100 square meters, and generally uses 20L latex paint. According to the process of "three times of putty, one time of primer, and one side of finish paint", two barrels need to be used, but the decoration team quoted him four barrels. According to the Dulux paint used by Xiao Wu's family, the barrel is more than 200 yuan, which is more than 400 yuan. Wu fangqin, the decoration designer of new Aihua, said that some decoration teams reported more materials because the owners were not knowledgeable, and the surplus would be used in other construction sites, so as to make more money. "They are very smart and good at looking at people. Even if they find you know nothing, they won't quote too much. Generally, for example, latex paint will quote an extra barrel or two, which is difficult for customers to detect.

trap 4:

inferior materials

face is different

Miss Shen of Huacheng Xindu gave a carpentry team the carpentry work package at home, including the wardrobe in the master bedroom, some wood finishes, tables and chairs in the dining room, and agreed The brand, unit price, environmental protection grade and specification of wood board are very clear: wood board 1.7; Brand: Lvsheng; Origin: Anhui; Grade: E0, unit price 480 yuan/㎡

"I know that Lvsheng's solid wood board is quite good. It is almost one of the best in the woodworking board category. For peace of mind, I specially asked them to show me the sample before starting work. After the things were sent one after another, I was quite satisfied with it. It was basically made according to the pattern I chose before." The revelation of the problem was at an accidental friend's party, "I thought the new house had been improved in succession, so I invited my colleagues to come home to play on the weekend. One of my colleagues said, why is your home so delicious?" Ms. Shen learned from her colleagues that boards that really meet the environmental protection grade will not have such a great taste at all. She also called knowledgeable people to test and found that the environmental protection grade of some local materials simply cannot reach the E0 standard. Only then did she know that in addition to the material I ordered for the front of the appearance of the wardrobe, the internal partitions and drawers are not really green boards

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