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What does a qualitative enterprise use to impress consumers? Many answers can be found to a problem, but all the answers will end up at the same origin - products. Cohen kitchen appliances, a professional quality manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the whole category, has always adhered to the extremely high standard of hard hitting products and kept pace with world-class enterprises since it created the first concept in 2009. In the general trend of consumption upgrading, Cohen electric takes quality first, highlights innovation drive, and strengthens brand strength with quality that does not forget the original intention and innovative technology that dare to refresh

if quality is the impression that consumers have always had on Cohen appliances, Cohen's achievements in scientific and technological innovation in recent years are enough to let users see a brand that is new. Product upgrades and breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology are all acting as the "strength faction" in the industry. Cohen has been deeply engaged in the kitchen electricity industry for more than 9 years and has a very mature grasp of industry technology. During the critical period of the transformation from "made in China" to "smart made in China", Cohen's pursuit of research and development is also upgrading and breaking through, carrying forward the "expertise" and "refinement" of the craftsman spirit in product research and development, making technological breakthroughs around the "pain points" in users' use, and committed to leading the new direction of the industry with cutting-edge science and technology

recently, the fourth generation integrated stove D26, which is newly launched by Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands of integrated stoves, has an original Austenitic 304 stainless steel integrated design. The entire surface of the smoke collecting chamber is free of barbs and rivets, completely eliminating the body rust, oil leakage and oil leakage. There is no second one in the core process industry. It is an integrated stove that can be used for a lifetime. At the same time, Cohen integrated stove D26 is equipped with arc universal smoke guide device, which can easily change the left and right air outlets in 5 seconds, so as to never rust and prevent oil leakage, and the operation experience is better; The double-layer superposition structure condensing wall effectively increases the smoke inlet speed by 15%, and the oil separation degree is as high as 97%. German Siemens technology burner, aviation alloy with butterfly double ring fire and efficiency concentrating ring boiler frame, so that the flame can stick to the bottom of the boiler, does not float fire, blocks heat loss, heats more evenly, greatly improves thermal efficiency, and truly realizes the national first-class energy efficiency standard

in the future, Cohen Electric will also continue to deepen technological innovation with scientific and technological confidence, use intelligent modern quality manufacturing methods, continuously export high-tech, high-quality and full range kitchen electrical products, and contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry with a new attitude




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