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At present, 100 square meters is the choice of most families of three. The age of the owner is generally between 35 and 40 years old. Logically speaking, this area is relatively easy to plan, and many owners can complete it by themselves, but it is also easy to make some chicken rib space without certain consideration and planning. So for a space of 100 square meters, it is important to keep rational

although the room before decoration is more than 100 square meters, it still feels that the space is not spacious enough

key problem: how to squeeze out space

in fact, it is not a big problem to meet the use of 100 square meters of space, but if you want to plan other leisure areas, such as separate study, tea room, leisure and sports area, you need to squeeze out space. In fact, a 100 square meter house also has space and room, but because the current building planning can not make full use of space, the necessary transformation can still make the room more comfortable and spacious

solution: save useless space. If you want to squeeze out space, you can first consider which space has a relatively low utilization rate. For example, if the area of the restaurant is too large and the population is relatively small, you can reduce it and separate space for other functions. Moreover, if the area of a hall is too small, the area of other spaces can also be appropriately reduced, and the local area can be increased by moving the wall to achieve optimal utilization

also, it is simply omitted. For example, many families have reported that the utilization rate of guest rooms is not high. Sometimes it can be simply changed into a study and put a movable bed to make full use of space

■ typical proposal 30000 Yuan decoration 105 square meters

owner: Mr. Wang

Occupation: company manager

family members: a family of three, boy 14 years old

house type: two bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms

area: 105 square meters (usable area)

House overview: Wang Xiansheng's home is two bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. According to the original house type, there is no restaurant and study. A dining area could have been arranged in the living room, but the owner wanted to find an area for tea, so it was difficult to squeeze out other spaces, because there was no room to use except this big living room

requirements of the host:

1. Modern and concise style, with an "epoch-making" design

2. The space is required to be stable as a whole

3. The host likes to drink tea and arranges a tea tasting area

4. The decoration cost is not more than 30000

5. There are two groups of cabinets and a sand hair to be put in the home

■ decoration scheme

the bathroom is changed into a study, and the wall is demolished to increase the capacity of the main bathroom

1. Considering the current lack of study, A family of three sharing a bathroom can also meet the needs, so the original bathroom has been transformed into a study

2. Push back the wall of the original children's room by 1.5 meters, and expand the hall outside the children's room into a dining area. In this way, the area of the children's room is small, so let the children go to the study and study, which can be more quiet. A study shared by father and son can live in peace and make full use of it. And the electrical appliances are also moved out of the children's room, which can reduce radiation and is conducive to the health of children

3. Remove the wall of the main bathroom and expand it by 0.6 meters to the lobby, expanding the area of the main bathroom and putting the washing machine into the main bathroom. At the same time, a 0.6m wide locker was made at the door to level the wall

4. The large living room at the entrance is divided into two areas, the living room and the tea art area. In addition, a glass screen is made outside the living room to make the space transparent and maintain the traditional Chinese living habits

■ construction details

■ description

the ratio of construction and material costs is 1:1.2

the total construction cost is 35680 yuan, the total material cost is 42000 yuan, and the ratio of construction cost to material cost is 1:1.2 Taking 100 square meters as an example, the best allocation of funds is two fifths of wall paint, two fifths of woodworking and one fifth of brick laying. This is basically the proportion, which should be controlled during the construction process

in addition, there are two kinds of floor materials. For example, ceramic tile or laminate flooring can be selected in the living room, and laminate flooring or wood flooring can be selected in the bedroom. Because the house type of about 100 square meters is spacious, choosing different materials can also make people have different spatial psychological feelings, which is conducive to regulating mood

at the same time, the materials should be environmentally friendly. Generally, a space of 100 square meters needs to be painted with 300 square meters of wall paint, so the environmental protection of wall paint is very important, and the one with low formaldehyde content should be selected. There are also 100 square meters of houses that use no more than 10 large core boards

■ merge similar items

plan space

first of all, we should understand our own needs and carry out space planning in combination with our own hobbies. Generally, 100 square meters can still plan some personalized spaces, but through transformation. In this case, the method of re planning the space by omitting the space of a bathroom is very referential

suitable style

generally, three people live in a house of 100 square meters, and the owner is basically a middle-aged person, so in the choice of style, we should consider not only meeting the psychological requirements of the owner who needs to rest after work, but also taking into account the psychological state of the little owner who is facing the learning task, so in the choice of color, the living room is suitable to choose cold colors, giving people a relaxed feeling. And children's room, try to choose warm colors, to give children a positive learning environment

reasonable transformation

make full use of the advantages of the house, such as good lighting and ventilation must not be wasted, so the transformation should be relaxed and relaxed, and do not transform in order to overthrow

light color is appropriate

the color of the wall should not be too dark, light color is appropriate

finishing accessories

it is best to solve the style problem of space through accessories in the later stage

■ tricks

intelligent equipment opens up new space

the space of more than 100 square meters is relatively spacious. If the zoning does not consider the usual living habits, it will also bring a lot of inconvenience

this can be achieved through some devices. If the economy allows, smart home equipment can also be installed. For example, when people walk with the lights off, it can reduce the number of lights on and off, especially the duplex structure, which can solve the problem of inconvenient lights on and off at the stairs. In addition, a set of night lights can be installed for children in the children's room, and the lights can be automatically and slowly lit as people move around. If you want to watch blockbusters at home, intelligent dual-mode lighting can also reduce the work of pulling curtains and changing the brightness of lights before watching movies, and truly enjoy life. Intelligent background music also allows people to listen to music in every corner without turning on the stereo. At present, the technology of smart home is also improving, and the cost is also reduced. Generally, you can complete a simple smart program of 8000 yuan




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