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There are many indicators to measure a comfortable home environment. Noise is undoubtedly one of the hard indicators. According to international standards, in downtown areas, outdoor noise cannot exceed 55 dB during the day and 45 dB at night; In general residential areas, it cannot exceed 45 decibels during the day and 35 decibels at night. If people are exposed to noise for a long time, it will produce adverse reactions and may induce "noise disease". In addition to damaging hearing, noise will also affect other systems of the body and bring some physiological symptoms, such as insomnia, neurasthenia, autonomic nerve dysfunction, unstable blood pressure, etc. Generally, people affected by noise will have symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating and slow response

in the noisy city, to make home a quiet harbor, you need a "scientific plan" to create a quiet home. Especially in the World Cup held from June 13 to July 14, 2014, the warm cheers of the fans every night have brought a lot of trouble to people. Therefore, Roland sinet launched a silent door to bring people a quiet home

Italian silent doors and windows

inheriting the Roland Sini doors and windows of Italian royal noble blood, using international production lines, all imported core materials, Italian master design, through 108 processes, to create high-quality silent doors and windows for the vast elite! Roland Sini mute door adopts Italy's advanced T-shaped design, and the protruding part of the door leaf is closely combined with the door frame to effectively block the transmission of sound in the air and achieve the mute effect. The effective sound insulation decibel of Roland Sini mute door is 38dB. After scientific certification, 35 to 50dB is the most suitable environment for people to rest and sleep, and the noise index of ordinary families is often about 70 dB, which easily affects people's sleep. However, if you are in a room equipped with Roland Sini mute door, subtract 38dB of the effective sound insulation of Roland Sini mute door from 70dB, and the result is 32dB, This value is even lower than the lowest decibel suitable for people's comfortable sleep, which truly achieves one door and two worlds

according to the marketing director of Roland Sini, Roland Sini silent door adopts all imported core materials and selects high-quality original ecological wood from Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places. In order to ensure quality, Roland Sini adopts the international quality and environmental protection double system control production line. In terms of products, Roland Sini door and window market is positioned at the middle and high end and has become the preferred brand of the elite. Among them, the silent door series has topped the sales volume of similar products in East China for several consecutive years

enjoy the world cup and let the cheers and shouts be without scruples. Roland Sini's silent door can do it. As an advocate of comfortable home and a model of Italian doors and windows, Roland Sini uses perfect silent doors to open a new experience of home life quality and dance with enthusiastic Samba




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