The most popular RFID tag technology is widely use

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Wide application of RFID tag technology

short range RFID products are not afraid of harsh environments such as oil stains and dust pollution. They can replace bar codes in such environments, such as tracking objects on factory assembly lines

From hard packaging to lighter and more environmentally friendly soft packaging

long distance RFID products are mostly used in transportation, and the identification distance can reach tens of meters, such as automatic charging or vehicle identification

1. in the retail industry, the application of bar code technology makes tens of thousands of commodity types, prices, places of origin, batches, shelves, storage outside the warehouse, sales and other links managed in an orderly manner

2. the use of vehicle automatic identification technology makes toll booths such as roads, bridges and parking lots avoid the phenomenon of vehicles queuing for customs clearance (the shoulder samples are suspended, etc.) and reduces the waste of time, Thus, the transportation efficiency and traffic capacity of transportation facilities are greatly improved

3. on the automatic production line, all links of the entire product production process are under strict monitoring and management

4. in the adverse environment of dust, pollution, cold, hot and so on, The application of long-distance radio frequency identification technology has improved the inconvenience that truck drivers have to get off to go through formalities

5. in the operation and management of buses, the automatic identification system accurately records the arrival and departure time of vehicles at stations along the line, providing real-time and reliable information for vehicle dispatching and whole process operation management

rfid electronic tag technology is widely used. According to the estimation of Chuangyi technology market analyst, the current typical applications: Animal chip, access control, preferential tax policies implemented by the hang Roz special economic zone are an important treasure to attract foreign investment. Empty package identification, document tracking management, package tracking identification, animal husbandry, logistics management, mobile commerce, product anti-counterfeiting, movement timing, ticket management, automobile chip anti-theft device Parking lot control, production line automation, material management, etc

research on the open source project of RFID: the open source software radio technology has a deep impact on the radio industry, and RFID is no exception. GNU radio is a free suite of software development tools. It provides signal operation and processing modules, which can be used to implement software defined radio on low-cost radio frequency (RF) hardware and general-purpose microprocessors. This suite is widely used by amateurs, academic institutions and commercial institutions to research and build wireless communication systems. The application of GNU radio is mainly written in Python programming language. But its core signal processing module is built by c++ on the microprocessor with floating-point operation. Therefore, developers can simply and quickly build a real-time, high-capacity wireless communication system. Although its main function is not simulator, GNU radio supports the research of signal processing algorithms for pre stored and (signal generator) generated data without rf hardware components

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