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Hawaii carries out RFID food tracking project

the circuit between the main body and the force measuring device is connected by a plug. Hawaii will become the first state in the United States to carry out RFID food tracking project The project uses RFID technology to track agricultural products from farm to supermarket, with a period of 3 years. The state government of Hawaii hopes that when the pilot project is completed, all 5000 farms in the region will adopt RFID technology

our on-site experts hope to ensure that farmers in Hawaii can cope with the food safety measures that may be required in the future, said Sandra Lee kunimoto, chairman of the Department of agriculture of Hawaii product standards; In a statement, Sandra Lee kunimoto said: with the continued globalization of our food supply key, tracking the origin and sales of food will become more and more important

the correct use of RFID network architecture can enable agricultural growers, wholesalers and retailers to have an unprecedented vision of their daily operations. The existing food industry tracking system is usually based on paper records, which is relatively elementary. Ross Bonn from Lowry computer products said. Lowry computer products is the system integrator of the project

three growers, a distributor and a retail chain store participated in the initial stage of the project. The state government hopes that more people will participate in the project. The project has been approved by the U.S. Department of agriculture and the Hawaii economic development union, and is expected to cost 1.6 million

growers will apply encoded RFID tags to shipping cartons of lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes. During the packaging process, the agricultural products will be recorded in the database, and each carton will correspond to its specific labeled shipping pallet one by one. RFID tags are read in every process of circulation in the agricultural supply chain, such as when they are transported from the cultivation site, to the distribution site, into or out of the distributor's repository, and transported to the store. When they are removed from the store's cold storage, the retailer will also read the label to indicate that they have taken them to the store, and the carton label will be read again at the disposal point. The reading point adopts Motorola's handheld reader and portal reader

the main purpose of this project is to establish a traceable model, Bonn said. The system protects the safety of consumers by providing food monitoring chain records and isolating products that need to be returned. State officials also see other benefits, such as testing and promoting Hawaiian agricultural products and improving product reputation

Hawaii is now building a station, and Lowry is also building a transaction database so that project participants can share RFID data. Lowry's solution uses the imotion software of globeranger to simplify the integration and communication of RFID data; Instead of adopting EPCIS RFID data transaction standard and GS1, there are many global traceability standards that need strict attention. Lowry and globeranger have previously worked together to develop traceability solutions for the food industry

it is said that the Hawaii project is similar to the avocado tracking project in Chile

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