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RFID: breaking the curtain of heaven, just around the corner

rfid technology has been behind the concept of hot and hot, and it seems that the actual market sensation has not yet appeared. Just like Jamesbond in 007: breaking the curtain of heaven, an immortal legend of MI6, has been carved by years as an old man who is afraid of being young. Fortunately, bond finally completed the redemption, successfully killed the villain Silva, and ended the incessant terrorist bombings in London. Jamesbond is rejuvenated, and RFID has broken the curtain of heaven and triggered the popularity of demand. It seems that it is just around the corner

I. the world produces proud sons and heroes

rfid has been widely promising since its birth. As the supporting technology of IOT, RFID can realize non-contact identification. It uses RF signals to identify specific targets through spatial coupling (alternating magnetic field or electromagnetic field) and read and write relevant data without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the system and specific targets. RFID application system is generally composed of electronic tags and readers. Its main application is to attach electronic tags to mobile and non mobile assets, which can make objects become intelligent objects, and realize connection and various tracking and management

rfid's technical advantages determine the possibility of its wide application. Any object can be attached with an electronic tag and become a member of the IOT family. At present, some basic applications that can be carried out include tracking of goods and trucks in the logistics industry, smart card tables and smart tickets in access control and security, and the improvement of production efficiency in the intelligent industry by looking through the production process and reducing the error rate. In the retail industry, in order to detect and count the quantity of goods and speed up the operation of the supply chain, Wal Mart, a global retail giant, began a large-scale RFID industry attempt in 2003. Wal Mart announced that by 2007, all commercial packaging boxes supplied to Wal Mart department stores will be required to be equipped with RFID

IOT is developing RFID technology layout through external enabling. Like James Bond in 007 series, once the film is painted and the characters are born, they have become top agents, integrating wisdom, strength and training, and have a noble temperament with a golden key. Thus, the infinite scenery of the characters' destiny has been preset in the plot. How to overcome the difficulties in the process of self realization and smoothly embark on a smooth road is a topic worthy of attention

secondly, RFID was first developed in the military industry. In the 1940s, the improvement and application of radar in World War II gave birth to radio frequency identification technology. In the 1960s and 1970s, RFID began to be used for animal tracking, vehicle management and military purposes. In 1984, general motors of the United States took the lead in adopting RFID technology for the rubber spring near resonance vibrator on its automobile production line, opening a precedent for large-scale commercial use

however, technological progress and commercial exploration have not brought rapid market popularization to RFID. Especially in China, RFID has never seen the concept, but rarely the real body. Just like James Bond, the forever lonely warrior in the 007 series, a black suit and a vase are all his equipment. This agent, who is active in the UK's highest security agency, is a national myth, but not an idol close to the people

increased by more than 50%

rfid also encountered similar embarrassment in the promotion process. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The price cost is too high

the price of a complete set of RFID equipment from tag to chip to reader/writer and middleware is high. In addition, the system deployment cost, system maintenance cost and possible market acceptance risk seriously hinder the market promotion of RFID. At present, the average price of domestic readers and writers is more than 5000 yuan, while that of UHF readers and writers is more than 10000 yuan

2. Technical limitations

rfid technology is not yet fully mature, which is embodied in three aspects. First, when applied to some special products, such as liquid or metal cans, a large number of RFID tags will not work normally. Second, the traditional electronic label manufacturing process is still relatively complicated. The label can be pasted only after chemical soaking, and the label failure rate is very high. Third, RFID tags and readers have directionality, and the signal is easily blocked by objects. Even if double tags are attached, 3% of the tags cannot be read

3. Standardization

rfid has not yet formed a unified industry standard. At the technical level, the RFID reader and tag technologies are not unified, which will lead to the failure of integrated use. In the industry, there is no device failure and renovation Department, and different label communication protocols, frequency bands and packet formats developed by different manufacturers will cause confusion and confusion in use

4. Security issues and privacy protection

the downstream packaging industry driven by the express industry has exceeded 10 billion yuan

once the RFID tag approaches the reader, it will automatically send messages unconditionally, and it is impossible to determine whether the reader is legal. The passive RFID system has no read-write capability and cannot use the key verification method for authentication. This involves the protection of personal privacy and business security

III. reappearing the light and breaking the curtain of heaven

although RFID has encountered various restrictions, it may soon usher in a turning point in its destiny, resulting in a concentrated outbreak period of the industry. Because the two most important factors that determine the commercial promotion of RFID, technology and price, are quietly changing. More and more manufacturers participate in RFID, and RFID has gradually matured after long-term and rapid technology accumulation. The improvement of system integration stability and the improvement of electronic tag technology have boosted the revolutionary change of RFID, while the breakthrough of price competition and technical difficulties has driven the price of RFID related equipment down significantly

the improvement of technology and the search for an operable entry point depend on continuous trial and training. The reason why Jamesbond in 007: breaking the curtain of heaven can regain his competitive status is precisely due to his unremitting physical fitness, shooting and a series of agent training. The technical elite, looking for resonance and harmony, lies in stepping down from the altar and returning to the feelings and status of ordinary people

bond played by danielcraig in 007: breaking the curtain of heaven is no longer an omnipotent superhero, but a failed, slow and inaccurate bond, an ordinary man who cannot resist the sword of time. The same is true of RFID. It should no longer be synonymous with high-end technology. How to enter the people's vision and into the category of conventional business activities is the industry bottleneck that needs to be broken

the user is an important indicator to weigh the project investment income. The reason why it is predicted that RFID will soon cross the inflection point of the market and achieve large-scale application lies in the emergence of two positive signals:

1. The price of electronic labels has dropped sharply

take the UHF electronic tag as an example, the domestic price is close to 0.4 yuan/piece, and the average price of low frequency, high frequency and UHF is less than 0.3 yuan/piece. With the gradual mass production of electronic tags, RFID prices will continue to decline

2. Change of electronic label labeling method

compared with the traditional immersion code pasting, the new code pasting process becomes very simple, just like the ordinary bar code, which can be pasted at will. The new electronic tag is not only simple and convenient, but also has greatly improved the reading rate, which can fully meet the security and interest needs of commercial activities. RFID's infamous reading errors and Misreading were once a stumbling block to its development. However, the reading rate of the new electronic tag is more than 99%. Considering the practical application problems such as signal conflicts and card reading blind spots, this is already a very ideal number

in addition to the above two points, other factors restricting the promotion of RFID technology, such as electronic signal environment, industrial communication protocol and technical legislative protection, are also improving. RFID has been fully prepared from the internal technology to the external price and the construction of the overall environment, leaving only the problem of how to build a mature business model and market operation channel

an era of RFID may be coming. RFID has broken the curtain, and Gao Fushui's successful counter attack on losers is just around the corner


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